Who Is Eligible

Typically, POOPS’ clients are pet owners over the age of 65 years of age who have no friends or relatives who are able, or willing, to help them look after their pets in times of need.

So if you are experiencing difficulty in walking your dog or accessing veterinary assistance due to age or disability and have no friends or relatives willing to assist, POOPS may be able to help you. Some of the ways in which our fully police-cleared volunteers can assist is in taking pets for a vet check, walking dogs – on a temporary or longer-term basis – or driving the pet to a boarding facility if the client’s absence from home is likely to be extended.  Our service is intended to help out in times of either crisis or where illness or injury make it difficult to care for your animal. It is not intended as a service to animal sit whilst you are on holidays or away.

While all services and transport provided by POOPS volunteers do not incur a fee, clients will still have to bear the cost of veterinary fees and/or boarding fees.