Our clients are those senior citizens in our society who welcome a little assistance to look after their pets on either a temporary or longer-term basis. Ways in which we assist our clients range from dog walking, medicating pets and providing transport to vet clinics or boarding kennels when necessary.

The therapeutic benefits of pet ownership have been well documented and are becoming increasingly recognised throughout the world. People who keep a pet have been reported to:

  • Adapt more quickly to stress associated with bereavement and other adverse events
  • Require fewer visits to the doctor
  • Have stronger emotional stability
  • Maintain a sounder state of health
But in particular, there is a growing appreciation that it is the socially isolated in our community who depend most on their pets. Countless clients have told us that their pets are their reason for getting out of the bed in the morning. And a recent study published in the American Geriatrics Society journal showed that senior citizens who own pets are:
  • Less likely to be depressed
  • More able to tolerate social isolation and thus continue living in their own homes
  • Are usually more active than those who do not own pets

However, age or disability can prevent many owners to fully care for their pets and this is where POOPS can help.