Our Volunteers

Our volunteers really love what they do. Here are some of their inspirational stories of the joy they get from volunteering with POOPS. 

Our clients have amazing things to say about POOPS!


When Cissy retired in April 2021 she had no idea that a mini-ball of fluffiness named Lexi would have such an incredibly positive impact on her life.  

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Len is on a mission to paint all of the POOPS Pets of Busselton!


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Alicia C

That’s Life Magazine Volunteer of the Week 

Every Wednesday afternoon for the past two years I’ve walked to a house near mine to visit a very special friend. Sushi, a five-year-old Maltese x Shih-tzu, he knows our routine and pops his little face through the fence in anticipation of my arrival.


‘Hello Sushi!’ I say, giving him a pat. ‘Are you ready for your walk?’


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Christine walks two dogs and finds them such a delight that she has to show some restraint in not taking on any more dogs!


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We are so fortunate to have had volunteer Sheila Twine with us from the very beginning. 


Little did she realise that attending a party at Tangea Tansley’s house in 2009 would lead her on a journey spanning over a decade with an organisation that would be called POOPS! 


Or that there would be so much work to do. A constitution to write, insurances to arrange, a universal favourite – dealing with the tax office, and lots of campaigning with anyone who would listen.


“When you’re working, it’s because you’ve got your hand out for the pay check, but when you’re a volunteer it’s completely different. You’re not volunteering for any gain or prestige, you’re volunteering to give something back to the community and it bounces back on yourself. You really feel a million dollars when you volunteer.”


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Juan P

Juan feels very lucky to have two dachshunds in his life, with the added benefit of knowing that volunteering means helping someone else. He tells us, “It’s a bonus, it’s amazing”. 


Who better to ask than a ‘Super-POOPer’ about what makes a good POOPS volunteer? Obviously people who want to volunteer for POOPS have an affinity with animals, but Juan believes a key ingredient is also understanding how to read people –  a skill he’s picked up on his many travels.


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Rising at 4.00am to take care of a menagerie of birds and three horses, before taking three POOPS client dogs for a walk, there is no stopping Colin!


Recognised as a finalist in the WA Senior of Year Awards in 2019, Colin has been a POOPS volunteer for almost 10 years. 


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